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We can restore data from most devices

Data Recovery Service

Businesses and residential clients based in and around the Bromley-London area can make great use of the data recovery services Bromley offered by our team at Quarm Solutions.

Not only do we provide speedy, effective and affordable data recovery services, but we can restore data from most devices i.e. computer hard drives, servers, USBs and a multitude of other storage products. Why panic when we can put you back in touch with your valuable data in record time?


We understand that not only is your data essentially very precious, but at the same time, it is subject to care in accordance with Data Protection rulings. This is why we not only bring your data back to life but we treat it with integrity and have in place security processes to prevent your data being misused.


As soon as you realise that you have a problem with data loss, simply give us a call; most of the time we can establish a cause and solution quite easily, as well as providing you with an estimate of cost. If for any reason, your data proves to be impossible to recover, we will not charge you. Do bear in mind however that it is incredibly rare for your data to be destroyed completely.

Our IT data recovery team have in place solutions and procedures that they have established over time that allow them to deal with your data loss crisis coolly and swiftly. We do all possible to minimise disruption and our aim is to get your data back in the running as soon as is practically possible. If we cannot restore your data on site, we may have to bring your hardware device back to our workshop to deal with it in a more intense way.

However, whichever method we use, our vast experience will enable us to reinstate your data in a no-fuss, uncomplicated way.


These days, mobile phones are about so much more than just taking calls.  If the data on your iPod or iPhone gets corrupted or lost, it can send your whole day into a spin.  By bringing your data back to fruition, we can save you lost time and endless stress.  By being able to respond to your lost data emergency very quickly, you will soon be back up and running and, if your mobile is used for business purposes, back in control of lost profits.  It does not matter how your data has been damaged or lost; we can take care of both mechanical and physical faults.  

If we find that the hard drive or device is beyond repair, we can remove the data and restore it onto some other suitable storage device. 

Don’t think that your lost data is beyond restoration.

Need help recovering your data?

Contact us on 020 8249 9315 today for further details.  We provide free quotations as well as helpful advice.


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